Quality - Standard Operations

On complex jobs, specific "Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)" are generated by our quality team. These standardized work methods are prepared and documented in partnership with our customer. Our SOP’s are readily available on the assembly floor for ready reference.

Assembly Line

An Assembly line is where Indo-Arihant shines. We have over 26 years of experience building highly complex assemblies. The hallmark of our business is our structured "flexible" production process which allows us to manage your product according to ISO standards. Our assembly process provides:

• 100% component inspection that guarantees quality parts are used in the production process.
• Incorporation of Lean manufacturing principles for streamlined, quick-turn around production.
• Dedicated resources and equipment for continuous production that allows us to meet your schedule.

We have enjoyed long term customer relationships with many of our clients including, Photoquip India Limited, EOS Power India Pvt Limited, Corvi LED Pvt Limited, Techno Micro System, Shubham Electronics Pvt Limited, Litech Electrosystem Pvt Limited, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited, Digital Circuit Pvt Limited, BLG Electronics Limited, Creative Engineering Industries, Crish Metal Works Pvt Limited, Kaytee Lighting Industry, United Access Floor Pvt Limited, United Office System Pvt Limited, Silver Technomech Pvt Limited.

Why Outsource your manufacturing to us?

While many businesses can thrive by manufacturing, outsourcing may prove to be a better option. We believe the chief motive for outsourcing includes:

Core Focus: Outsourcing allows business owners to focus on Core Business activities, rather than spend time overseeing operations.

Time-to-market: Outsourcing allows business owners to reduce the Lead time, thus they can achieve the fastest time to market.

Resources: Outsourcing reduces the overhead costs which make this option viable.

Indo-Arihant Differentiators: By implementing ISO 9001-2008, Indo-Arihant provides consistent quality, reliability, on-time delivery and superior service to customers worldwide.